April 13, 2024

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Microsoft surprisingly brings back SwiftKey for iOS

Microsoft has released the popular SwiftKey Keyboard app for iOS Designation. So the app was removed from the App Store a few weeks ago and support ended. The group is now responding to the criticisms that arose after these steps.

As of now, SwiftKey for iOS is back. About two months ago, Microsoft revealed its plans to retire SwiftKey for iOS in early October 2022.

The company has not yet commented on the announced end. The development team remained aware of the reasoning behind the decision to pull the plug on the project. However, SwiftKey for iOS is now back faster than fans of the app could have dreamed of.

Back to “Popular Demand”

Pedram Rezaei (CTO Microsoft Maps & Local Services Division) tweeted that the company decided to restore SwiftKey for iOS “by popular demand”. In addition, the company is now investing “heavy in the keyboard” and users can expect exciting future changes. There are no further details on this matter, and it is still not clear what these “major investments” mean. SwiftKey has been available for iOS devices since 2014. SwiftKey then became part of Microsoft in 2016 when the software giant bought the company for $250 million. SwiftKey for iOS has spent the past year without updates, but now that the project is back on the App Store, that’s set to change. There will be regular security and maintenance updates, and new features and improvements will also be released.

The Microsoft SwiftKey app can be found from the official website Apple App Store It can be downloaded. The Android variant It can be found in the Google Play Store. There are no download costs. However, some features can only be used after a paid in-app purchase.

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SwiftKey for Android Download from the Google Play Store
SwiftKey for iOS Download from the Apple App Store

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