May 21, 2024

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Chats will soon be usable on several mobile phones at the same time

And: write yourself soon!

Images: WhatsApp, Unsplash (Christopher Burns) / Editing: Allround PC

WhatsApp has two exciting innovations in its splash blocks that will make using the messenger app much easier. So soon you can use WhatsApp on many phones at the same time. In addition, you will soon be able to write to yourself, for example for personal notes or to transfer data from phone to PC. We explain exactly what’s behind it.

You probably know this: An important note, the latest vacation photo or a link to an interesting website you just discovered needs to be transferred to your computer. Until now, you had to either use your own app or upload files to cloud storage. But with the latest WhatsApp feature, you can I write to you in the futurefor example to equip the most important things at hand.

Self-chat for notes, files, and more

Previously, this was only possible in a roundabout way, for example by creating a group with a second member, who was then immediately kicked out again. It’ll take a while before you get this feature, but it’s loud WABetaInfo WhatsApp is working hard on it in the testing phase. However, who Trial version of the application Used, it should already be able to enjoy “self-chat”.

Source: WABetaInfo

In addition, a second innovation is planned: according to the first screenshots, it will be a single WhatsApp New companion mode Receipt. You can use it for your WhatsApp conversations Also used on other phones, without having to transfer the full “account” or the specified phone number. Similar to a computer, chat logs are downloaded from the Internet and updated.

Long overdue: your chats on other phones

This means: WhatsApp must be associated with your phone number on a main device, and all other devices – be it a PC or a smartphone – will then be linked. linked and synchronized with it as a “companion”.. WABetaInfo Accordingly, this should be possible with up to four devices, and end-to-end encryption should still be provided. Perfect if you use a private and business cell phone, for example.

Source: WABetaInfo

It is currently still not clear when WhatsApp will launch this long-awaited feature. However, the first testing phase appears to be pending, which can also be used via the beta app. Especially when we test many new smartphones, this function will be a blessing – because a WhatsApp history transfer has always been a hassle. Let’s hope WhatsApp or Meta doesn’t take too much time for this.


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