June 24, 2024

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The foldable tablet comes with the Tab S9

Fold the tablet next year?

Source: AllAboutSamsung (screenshot)

The fact that Samsung is working on a foldable tablet is already known through leaks and presentations by the manufacturer, but given the abundance of foldable devices, this is not a huge surprise. The large and foldable Galaxy Z Tab Fold will be introduced at the same time as the Galaxy Tab S9.

Samsung is perhaps one of the most ardent advocates of foldable smartphones. Already next Wednesday at a dump event that Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 That is, the fourth generation of the series that only launched in 2019. But Samsung is not satisfied with the foldable and foldable smartphones.

In addition to enjoyable experiences such as “rollable“, If one A device with a foldable displaySamsung also appears to have looked into the tablet category. In February 2022, the South Korean manufacturer owns the high-end model Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Introduction, whose direct successor appears to be already in the works.

After foldable and rollable smartphones, it’s the turn of tablets

a Log in to Naver . Blog He cites a Korean hinge manufacturer and states that Samsung is also doing hinge work with the Galaxy Tab S9 foldable disc I will present. Both devices must be on file first half of 2023 When presented, the tablet can be called the Samsung Galaxy Z Tab Fold.

But in addition to smartphones and tablets, there will also be foldable laptops in the future. Here Asus with Zenbook 17 Fold OLED We have already presented the first prototype, which we can already examine ourselves at IFA 2022 in September. The 17-inch screen can be used as a tablet or angled like a laptop, then even with a practical keyboard.

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What do you say about the supposed Samsung Galaxy Z Tab Fold, you will find it Exciting folding discs? We appreciate your comments! 👏


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