June 23, 2024

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The developers had to shrink the game world

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to: Omar Kayali

Once again, information about the game world “GTA 6” is leaking out. A well-known insider reports that the game takes place in and around Miami.

Official information about the next part of “Grand Theft Auto” is still missing. Rockstar Games hasn’t revealed anything about the game yet, other than the fact that That “GTA 6” is under development. Fortunately, some details leak out now and then. Celebrity gaming journalist Jason Schreyer is a trusted source for inside information about video games. In his new report, Bloomberg He wrote down some very interesting information about “GTA 6”. In it relies on anonymous sources involved in the development of the game. According to the report, players will be immersed in a fictional version of Miami and its surroundings. It can be assumed that the city in the game will be called Vice City, as in previous parts of Grand Theft Auto. This information is compatible with Previous leaks of “GTA 6”, which were thus immediately. was in it Vice City has also been announced as a location. As far as the game world is concerned, according to Jason Schreyer, there have been major changes in plans.

GTA 6: The game world was originally planned to be much larger than that

GTA 6 is set to take place in fictional Miami. © Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games’ original plan was that “GTA 6” – if the game was indeed named – should be more comprehensive than all the previous “Grand Theft Auto” parts. In early drafts, the developers had included large parts of North and South America. According to Jason Schreyer, these ambitions have been scaled back in order to put developers at ease and avoid extra work. This was a huge problem in the production of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar Games wants to end the poor working conditions for the developers.

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Instead of that GTA 6 will receive post-launch updates that regularly add new missions and cities. This is to avoid jams. However, the world of “GTA 6” games should be quite large and also contain more buildings to enter than was the case with previous “Grand Theft Auto” titles.

GTA 6 gets a novel hero

The report also confirms another rumor that has been circulating for a long time: GTA 6 will have a protagonist. She is said to be Latin and is said to be one of two main characters. It’s unclear if both will be playable as well. In the final part, players can control three characters with Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

When will GTA 6 come out?

The big question that remains unresolved is when “GTA 6” will finally appear. Analysts assume a release in fiscal year 2024 – that is, between April 2023 and March 2024. According to Bloomberg, the developers at Rockstar Games are skeptical. A while ago, Jason Schreyer tweeted that he’s from “GTA 6” release in 2025.