June 21, 2024

Mikrotransaktionen in Diablo 4: Blizzard versucht Spieler zu beruhigen

Diablo 4: Microtransactions Blizzard tries to calm players

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The fact that the recently released Diablo Immortal mobile “with Gacha and Pay2Win is a complete success” raises concerns about the future of Diablo 4. Blizzard has been trying to break this up for a long time and increasingly clearly. The latest quarterly update delivers crystal clear announcements.

Diablo Immortal was derisively traded as “Diablo Immoral” shortly after its release, because at least at the end of the game, it’s no longer possible to move forward without using real money and loot chests. After release, this principle was taken to an extreme with a new raid boss without suffering income as a result. On the contrary: the title quickly reached the $100 million sales mark. Blizzard has stated that Pay 2 Win is worth it, despite the big criticism on the internet.

Monetization in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 shouldn’t embrace this concept, as this is the primary message of Blizzard’s communication over the past few weeks, which has been circulating over and over again. Thus, the latest development update touches on monetization in more detail than expected. The developers say in advance: “It will not be possible to pay money for strength in Diablo 4”.

Diablo IV will be fully priced with the Cosmetic Shop and Season Pass – none of which offer any energy-paying options.


Monetization is associated with gaming seasons. Blizzard plans to get a Battle Pass for this. In the free version, it has cosmetic add-ons, premium currencies, and game boosters that everyone can get at no additional cost. The paid version only includes premium skins and currency. According to Blizzard, these should promise a “huge equivalent value”, which, as the company has emphasized several times, is in skins that, according to the developers, will improve gameplay.

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Game currency can be invested in an in-game store. There, too, only skins will be available for purchase. As a semi-justification for the existence of microtransactions, the developers put forward that Diablo 4 is designed as a live service game and will be supplied with content “for years to come”.

A new paradigm is emerging

The system shows that monetization on Blizzard is handled depending on the target group and platform. The mobile game Diablo Immortal, like many competitors in the same segment, can demand money more clearly, Diablo 4 as a full-priced title gets a season ticket and skins shop. While Overwatch 2 uses a free-to-play model, it will also only make money through the Season Pass and Skinshop. Here too, computers and consoles are the primary platform, where the tolerance limit for additional purchases is different from that of a smartphone.