Update surprise for Galaxy A53: Android 13 is released

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G owners should only get the big update to Android 13 in a few weeks. However, surprisingly, the patch is already available to many users in Europe. This means that the Android smartphone made a big leap in release about a month ago.

Smartphone manufacturers usually stick closely to updating plans. After all, this is the only way to smooth out all the unevenness with the program in advance. in Samsung It seems to have gone faster than expected. Because the big thing is already there Update to Android 13 Ready for another cell phone: dem Galaxy A53 5G.

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Galaxy A53 5G: Android 13 a month ahead of schedule

Originally, Samsung had a file December 2022 Release period specific. In fact, the patch accounts for many Galaxy A53 5G users in Europe Since November 9, 2022 Ready. And so the famous manufacturer developed its own plans for about a month.

There is no reason for this surprise yet. For now, we can only speculate that Samsung was able to quickly fix bugs and other problems, so nothing stands in the way of an early release.

Since Samsung distributes the update in waves, as usual, it may take some time before your smartphone receives the update as well. If you want to check if Android 13 is already available for your Galaxy A53, you must first I open settings. Choose the point there “via cell phone”. under the menu item System updates You can perform the update if it is offered to you.

What does update mean?

With the system update for your Galaxy A53 5G you get it Android 13 With some innovations. The new version brings new features, among other things Themes for widgetsbut that too The materials you design withwhich you can use to adapt the system colors to the background, for example.

Samsung also places its own interface on top of Google’s operating system. This is called OneUI 5.0.0 Update It also brings with it some special features. Around routine, which you can use to run automation. For example, you can set a time in the evening when your cell phone not only activates dark mode, but also mutes notifications at the same time. Added to this possibility Show clips and videos on the lock screen Allow.

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