The conflict between Great Britain and France continues

Paris Hardly a day passes without a new conflict between France and Great Britain. Disagreements over fishing and immigration have put strains on the relationship between the two countries in post-Brexit times. The relationship is deadlocked because there is no real solution yet.

France and Great Britain blame each other for these two issues. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under domestic political pressure and must be tough. France would like to renegotiate the agreements with Great Britain.

After a migrant boat capsized in the English Channel en route to Great Britain, killing 27 people on Wednesday, the situation is now more tense. Several British media are pointing the finger at France for allowing this situation to happen.

Boris Johnson wrote an angry letter to French President Emmanuel Macron that was also published. He accuses France of non-compliance and increases pressure on Paris to prevent transit. A bilateral agreement from 2004 mandated France to protect Britain’s borders: it had to prevent refugees from crossing.

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Johnson wants an additional agreement to return immigrants. This is supposed to spoil the work of the smugglers. He also called for joint patrols with France, which was rejected by Paris.

British Home Secretary empties into immigration meeting

The EU regulation on the return of asylum seekers is no longer applicable to Great Britain since Brexit. France interpreted the request as an insult, and French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin invited British Home Secretary Priti Patel to an immigration meeting on Sunday in Calais, northern France, with ministers from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and representatives from the European Union. A committee. This is a strong sign of anger, but at the same time it is a delay in negotiations on the immigration issue. Great Britain appealed to invite the minister to return.

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In Great Britain, criticism has been expressed that there is a lack of legal opportunities to emigrate – at the same time, the government is said to be making immigration more difficult. However, the question is where asylum seekers should be screened. France does not want to take responsibility for this, and Britain does not want to reconsider on British soil first.

Macron rejected the demands made by Johnson in his letter: he expected that “the British will refrain from exploiting the tragic situation for political ends.” There must be cooperation in order to overcome the crisis.

London and Paris have just signed a new co-operation agreement to stem the growing number of immigrants. London pledged 62.7 million euros to support the French authorities. According to French media, the money arrives in the form of points. On the other hand, France needs 200 million euros annually to protect the coast, which is about 100 kilometers long.

Macron asks for help from the European Union

British-French relations are already difficult due to the dispute over fishing rights in the English Channel. The hype came to a head when French fishermen again closed the Eurotun Tunnel and in several French ports on Friday. They are asking for more firmness from the French government in negotiations with the British. Messed up mode.

english channel blockage

French fishing boats block the entrance to the port of Saint-Malo.

(Photo: dpa)

French President Emmanuel Macron calls for help from the European Union and calls for strengthening Frontex border police. France is only a transit country for migrants, so more European cooperation is needed to combat illegal immigration. But he also announced that he would increase his control over his northern coasts.

Meanwhile, he is facing pressure from all sides, with immigration being an important issue in the French presidential election campaign. However, the main implication in France is that Europe’s external borders must be better protected, and pressure must be put on countries of origin and smugglers.

Conservative political circles say illegal immigration should be restricted. Conservative presidential candidate and former chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, has described the immigration pull request as a “renewed provocation” by Boris Johnson. From the left ranks it is said that immigrants should be better absorbed in France. But so far there is no real solution. Meanwhile, new boats are constantly heading to Great Britain.

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