June 19, 2024

The “Colorful Tick Puzzle” is the name of the queer event

gay pride

“Ticks Colorful Puzzle!” It is the first anomaly in a long time on the knee of the Rhine

Two weeks ago Pride Zurich attracted more than 55,000 people, and now “Pazelle ticks in colour!” Saturday is the day of his eccentric joy.

Two weeks ago, tens of thousands came to Pride Zurich, this Saturday the queer demonstration will take place in Basel.

Photo: Michael Buholzer/Keystone

The last major Pride demonstration took place in Basel in 2019, when the Stone Wall protests marked the 50th anniversary: ​​the 1969 New York riots marked the beginning of the international Pride movement. And although Basel has seen many demonstrations since then and has repeatedly served as a focal point for political street movements, there are hardly any regular events and certainly not on a large scale for the LGBTQ+ community. This is why some gay people from the area got together last summer and formed an organizing committee.

“Basel tickt bunt!” says Michel of the team. “We want to show how colorful and diverse the puzzle really is.”

Setting up an all-day program and organizing an accredited demo is a lot of effort, and the OC volunteer team stresses that, unlike Pride Zurich, the work is not sponsored by big companies. It’s not about a corporate advertising platform, it’s about taking to the streets together, having discussions and fostering community. For many LGBT people, Pride events are the only days of the year when they don’t feel outnumbered and can dress and present themselves as they please.

Drag queens and panel discussion

So the start on Saturday is also brunch with interludes of singing and comedy from different drag queens, which will guarantee relaxation and laughter. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the queer community’s current setbacks.

Because as more and more people feel secure in their identity and sexuality, opposition to conservatives is growing, as evidenced by attacks on drag reads in Germany and Switzerland and anti-trans laws in the United States.

“The program is primarily aimed at the LGBT audience and should act as a safe event that reinforces our identity.” However, the OK team maintains that “Basel is colorfully swaying!” Basically open to all people who want to show solidarity with LGBT people and take to the streets with them. It is important that the focus be on queer joy and that respect, nonviolent demonstrations, and togetherness can happen.

Last year, the city hung a Progress Pride flag on its town hall.

Last year, the city hung a Progress Pride flag on its town hall.

Photo: Kenneth Nars

demonstration and party

“The demonstration is the heart of the day, but we hope to be able to provide entertainment and inspiration through the supporting program and in the evening a chance to dance together and get to know each other,” Michel said with anticipation. Cohesion is a big topic in the LGBTQ+ community, and this day aims to cement it once again in the quirky Basel scene.

The demonstration begins at 3:30 pm in the exhibition center with words and from there it proceeds towards the banks of the Rhine, finally reaching the culture ship “Janet” in the port as the end point.

In order to ensure security and the peace process, the organizing committee also met with the Basel police to prevent escalation. The police, as well as the canton, were open to the ideas and the concept and supported OK on all important questions and approved the demonstration.

Watch out for high temperatures during the demo

During the demonstration, it is not only worth bringing enough water and sunscreen on hot days, but also knowing your own limits. Since it will be the first Basel pride parade for years, it is difficult to estimate how many people will come. If there are crowds and high temperatures, it may be helpful to take breaks.

Colorful clothing and a break from gender roles is most welcome, and no matter if it’s in the middle of it or on the side – everyone is allowed to join in, shout and celebrate. The evening program also promises a lot. The harbor area will be enlivened with concerts by Penelope Athena, Brino and Your Funny Uncle, followed by parties and drag shows. A day full of culture, society and exotic joy awaits Basel.

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