February 25, 2024

The body of another hostage was recovered in the Gaza Strip

According to an Israeli army spokesman, the Israeli army is now using explosives to kill Hamas terrorists in tunnels under the Gaza Strip. “We have new fighting methods that we will use to kill terrorists,” Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said Thursday evening. Hamas terrorists, especially their leaders, hid in their underground tunnels. He added: “We will penetrate and plant explosives in places we know terrorists frequent, and wait for the right moment to kill them underground.”Hajri said. “Terrorists will not be safe underground.

Underneath the Gaza Strip there is a whole network of tunnels stretching for several kilometers, where, according to Israel, a number of terrorists from the Islamic movement Hamas are hiding and are also holding hostages from Israel there. To resist Israeli bombs from the air, some tunnels extend tens of meters underground. At the same time, terrorists use them to appear out of nowhere and attack from behind. Many of the tunnels are booby-trapped to kill Israeli soldiers who enter them.

According to Israeli information, there are currently 135 hostages being held in the closed coastal area. As part of a deal between the Israeli government and Hamas, 105 hostages were released. In return, Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. “We will continue to do everything – everything – to bring all the hostages home,” Hagari said. (DAP/EPA)