April 21, 2024

Switzerland weather: storm, rain and new snow


Where is spring really? Instead of the sun, there is half a meter of fresh snow

Blessed Easter Switzerland with mild temperatures and sunshine. This is now over: the next few days are characterized by wind, rain and snow.


April has variable weather in store for the next few days.

IMAGO / Christian Ender

  • April is known for its fickle weather.

  • This year, too, it lived up to its reputation.

  • The next day it will be windy, wet and cold – and it will snow in places.

while on Easter While the temperatures were mild and sunny, the next few days will be windy, wet and cold. And in some places, the snow has returned.

The first showers came in eastern Switzerland early Wednesday morning. These spread to the rest of Switzerland throughout the day. The storm continues 50 to 70 kilometers per hour is expected – in exposed locations more is certainly possible.

Snow is back

Temperatures are also dropping: if it’s still a warm eight to 16 degrees on Wednesday, then a maximum of ten degrees on Thursday will suffice. For this reason, snow has also returned – but not everywhere. The snowfall line at the beginning is about 2000 meters, but then it decreases rapidly. “On Thursday night, the snow line falls from 1,000 to 800 meters,” MeteoNews reports to 20 Minutes.

“In the lowlands, it is very unlikely that there will be snow,” the meteorologist continued. As for the higher elevations, fairly heavy snow is to be expected; There should be up to half a meter of fresh snow by the end of the week.

After a cold and rainy Thursday, it opens again on Friday. Some sunshine should break through the clouds and temperatures will be milder again. But the weather only recovers for a short time. The weekend brings changeable April weather again. “From today’s perspective, we can expect a frequently mixed, cold and wet weekend. The ice line should be between approximately 1,000 and 1,200 metres,” explains MeteoNews.

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