Tierra Magnifica Costa Rica: If you get pregnant at this hotel, you can stay for free

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In this hotel you can stay for free if you get pregnant

A luxury hotel in Costa Rica lures guests with a special marketing campaign: if you get pregnant while on vacation, your next stay will be much cheaper.


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Any woman who gets pregnant at the luxurious Tierra Magnifica resort in Costa Rica will get discounts on her next vacation.

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from Free airline tickets to Hong Kong to Abolition of alcohol tax in DubaiMany destinations have creative ideas to attract travelers. This has become a different kind of show Luxury hotel in Tierra Magnifica Came in Costa Rica: Those who become parents after residency benefit from a substantial discount on their next reservation.

The idea came to the 14-room resort near the popular natural spa town of Nosara after several previous guests came forward to say they were expecting a baby after a romantic break. The hotel quickly created an offer called the ‘Special Delivery Package’ to celebrate the happy occasion.

The $445 (CHF400) per night package includes breakfast, a free beach club membership, a bottle of Prosecco, and a very special welcome cocktail. This is an aphrodisiac drink based on the flowers of the butterfly bean, also known as clitoria ternatea due to its resemblance to the female genitalia.

If you’re lucky and your baby sees the light of day after nine months of romantic getaway at Hotel Tierra Magnifica, you’ll get a free night and discounts 50% off each additional night on your next vacation at the resort.

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Pregnancy from two to three pairs a year.

“As an adults-only hotel, romantic getaways are very important to us,” Steve Jacobs, owner of Tierra Magnifica, told Forbes. He adds that the luxurious resort, with its services, food, cocktails and atmosphere, provides an ideal environment for lovers to relax and unwind.

“Nearly 65 percent of our guests are couples, with at least two to three returning to our hotel each year to share the happy news of their baby with us,” Jacobs told the New York Post. For him, it is “incredibly satisfying” that his hotel plays such a role in the birth of children.

An exciting idea or rather nothing to you? What do you think of what the Tierra Magnifica has to offer?

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