October 1, 2023

Superjumbo premiere: Airbus A380 registered in the US for the first time

Superjumbo premiere: Airbus A380 registered in the US for the first time

The Airbus A380 has never flown for an American company. However, two giant giants are now registered in the United States. However, without good prospects.

Airlines in Europe, Asia and Australia rely on the Airbus A380. But there was no American operator at all. Although shipping giants Fedex and UPS from the US once requested the A380 F shipping version, this was never implemented.

However, for the first time, two A380s now carry US registration N. The two planes arranged by China Southern Airlines flew from Guangzhou to Mojave Desert Airport, a parking lot and a scrap yard through Victorville on February 24. The two radiators still wear their Chinese B-6136 and B-6137 license plates.

The two giants are at risk of being scrapped

In the meantime, however, the super jumbo was registered as the N291JM and N296JM of the American company Jet Midwest, as the Gateway simple flight first mentioned. “Since 1997 we have purchased, disassembled, sold, and leased more than 300 aircraft, including the Boeing 757, 767, Fokker F100 and MD80,” Jet Midwest describes their area of ​​work on their website. Engines, parts and maintenance are also part of the portfolio.

Jet Midwest and China Southern have yet to officially comment on what’s seen on the two A380s, which are about eleven years old. However, Chinese media already reported in February that the two should find their final resting place in the American desert. Jet Midwest’s chances of finding a buyer or lessee for the two giant jets should also be slim.

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And three more A380s in southern China are in danger of extinction

Southern China has three more A380s. They are currently on the Guangzhou – Los Angeles and Guangzhou – Amsterdam routes. According to Chinese media, the airline wants to completely end the separation of the Airbus A380 by the end of the year.