April 21, 2024

SUI-CAN Women’s World Cup Semifinalist – Courageous and Transparent for Miracle vs. Canada – Sport


The women’s national ice hockey team plays an overseas role in the World Cup semifinals on Saturday night. But the flight attendants were not at risk.

Thanks to a 5-1 victory over Japan in the quarter-finals, the women’s national team is playing for medals at the World Cup in Brampton. On Saturday, there is a chance to advance to the final with a coup against host country Canada. Should coach Colin Mueller’s team lose to the 12-time world champion, a bronze medal will be at stake against either the United States or the Czech Republic on Sunday.

The medal is the Swiss women’s biggest goal. So far, the national team has only managed to celebrate bronze at the World Cup once, but that was 11 years ago. Now Captain Lara Stalder & Co. wants to be at least 3rd in Brampton. The focus, of course, is first of all on the semi-finals against Canada, and therefore on the most difficult task in women’s ice hockey.

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You can watch the World Cup semi-final match between Canada and Switzerland this Saturday from 9:50pm live on SRF and in the SRF Sports app.

Canada is in trouble against Sweden

However, the chance of the tournament’s top favorites trip home in all venues looks better than before. Although Switzerland lost the group match 0: 4, they conceded the eleventh defeat in the head-to-head match with a goal difference of 7:71. But in Brampton, the Canadians weren’t always so irresistible. In the quarter-finals against Sweden, who, unlike Switzerland, do not play in Group A, they struggled to win 3–2 after extra time.

Pressing them, we can play freely. A miracle is certainly possible, we have to believe in it.

However, the home of ice hockey is a heavy favorite ahead of Switzerland. “They have a lot of width, they can use all four lines and keep the pace high,” says Stalder, describing Canada’s strengths. Coach Müller adds: “You are physically strong and very strong. If we get the puck, we will have less time. We have to play faster and support each other more.”

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In addition to the narrow win against Sweden, Stalder also cheered the home team’s game against the Czech Republic. The Eastern Europeans lost 1: 5, but “they dared to try something on the puck. We have to keep cheeky,” said the striker. Pressing them, we can play freely. Surely a miracle is possible, and we have to believe in it.