October 5, 2023

Tech Promotions for the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix |  Car engine and sports

Tech Promotions for the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix | Car engine and sports

Canada Grand Prix 2022

There was only a week between two circuits of highways in Baku and Montreal. Therefore, technology upgrades were limited. Mercedes fought the strait jump and aimed again at the lower body.

When yet another race follows, it’s hard for design bureaus to keep up. Especially when the circuits are the same as the Baku City Circuit and the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. More contact pressure was required for the classics on the Ile des Notre Dame.

Therefore, four teams modified their hind wings and lower wings. Ferrari, McLaren, Alpine and Aston Martin brought new or modified wings with them. One of the rear wing, the other the elements under it, both are Ferrari.

Mercedes has focused on its main weakness. The bottom remains the focus in solving rebound and bottoming issues. During training, the engineers experimented with new ground that was significantly cut in the frontal area. The bottom plate has also been reinforced to prevent it from bending too much. However, this costs additional weight.

Mercedes packages upgrades again

However, after several rounds of testing, the new bottom was shelved. It is no longer improving. The second support cable, which was attached to stabilize the lower body, also fell out again after training sessions. The FIA ​​gave this opportunity to the teams as part of the technical guidance.

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Other teams such as Alpine had already prepared a protest if Mercedes had used the second support cable in qualifying and in the race. But in the end, the engineers voluntarily gave up. Not only because they wanted to save themselves from the hassle of protesting, but also for the lack of positive effects.


The two Mercedes cars had different rear wings in the race.

Here is our summary of Baku’s promotions:


Under the body: The floor has been cut in the front area so that it can better dissipate the air that has accumulated under the car. In addition, the base plate has been reinforced.

Rear suspension: The connecting rod angle has been changed for aerodynamic reasons. Improves flow at the rear, regardless of ground clearance.


Rear wing: New master blade and flap profiles for improved efficiency.

Lower wing: Modify the contours of the flaps to improve efficiency.


Rear wing: a new wing attachment, which would provide more downforce

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Bottom: The support cable has been repositioned to strengthen the lower body.


Lower Wing: The two ‘Beam Wing’ elements have been rearranged to improve efficiency.

Aston Martin

Rear wing: a new flap on an old wing to improve the level of downforce required in Montreal.