April 13, 2024

WDR-Sport: Fall at the end: Voss gymnast just missed out on the top 10 in EM all around

Status: 04/14/2023 5:12 PM

Sarah Foss walked off the stage in disappointment. A fall on the uneven bars at the end of the all-around cost the Cologne native a place in the top 10 at the European Gymnastics Championships in Antalya on Friday.

The 23-year-old scored just 49.932 points and finished 16th. In the heats two days ago, she scored 49.732 points in the four-way battle of floor, balance beam, vault and uneven bars and was 20th in the final fight out of the top 24. Jessica Gadyrova of Great Britain took the title with 55.032 points, ahead of Zsovia Kovacs of Hungary ( 54,899). The bronze medal was won by Italy’s Alice D’Amato, with a score of 54,500 points.

Like two days before, the pub was nail biting at first, and failed to get up. However, the woman from Cologne received a higher rating. On the floor, where she fell to disqualification in the final acrobatics row, she improved significantly. After a flawless jump, Sarah Voss had to involuntarily leave the apparatus at the end of the uneven bars and lost better position as a result.

Voss “fightable and competitive”

After a calf injury, Sarah Voss is delighted to be able to compete again in the all-around competition. A torn muscle had hampered the 23-year-old’s European home championship success with team bronze eight months ago in Munich and then forced her to abandon the World Championships in Liverpool. “I’ve become fit for the European Championships, which makes me very proud. I’m able to fight in all kinds of situations and I’m competitive,” she said.

She used the injury break to work on her body with strength training. “In terms of power and speed, I’m coming back very well. I would say it’s better than ever,” said the German champion. “I am very happy with where I am now and would like to keep this platform and add the last few percentage points.”

Destination Olympia in Paris

The long-term goal is the Olympic Games in Paris next year, qualifications for which will be held at the World Championships in Antwerp in the fall. “The aim is to get my best team and player into the World Cup finals so we can come out stronger until 2024,” said Sarah Voss. Until then, she wants to upgrade her exercises again with higher difficulties so that she can collect more points than Antalya.