September 30, 2023

“Stupid idea, born of desperation”

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E.ON and Uniper want to buy green hydrogen from Canada. But the deal seems questionable on several counts.

Berlin/Nova Scotia – Economy Minister on Path to Climate Neutrality Robert Habeck (green) is also present in hydrogen. For this, the Central Government has decided on a new National Hydrogen Strategy. Above all Green hydrogen To be promoted.

Green hydrogen from Canada: EverWind to supply one million tonnes to Unibur and E.On.

E.ON and Uniper are also involved. The two German energy suppliers signed letters of agreement (memorandum of understanding) with Canadian company EverWind last year. Green hydrogen or ammonia signed. As announced in August 2022, Uniber and E.ON each intend to purchase 500,000 tonnes of green ammonia per year from EverWind.

EverWind plans to build a green hydrogen production facility at this site in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia, © EverWind/Facebook.

The preferred material is to be manufactured at a facility in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia, which is scheduled to begin commercial operations in early 2025. According to information from WirtschaftsWoche One step ahead: Signing of supply agreements between E.ON, Uniper and EverWind is imminent.

Green hydrogen from Canada: Nova Scotia doesn’t have enough renewable energy

However, there are substantial doubts about the deal, both in terms of profitability and EverWind’s ability to deliver. “It’s a stupid idea born out of desperation,” said Paul Martin of Toronto-based Spitfire Research. WirtschaftsWoche. He couldn’t believe that Germany had solved part of its energy problem by buying hydrogen Canada to be resolved.

In his opinion, it would be too uneconomical to first produce hydrogen using a lot of energy, convert it to the transportable medium ammonia, transport it across the Atlantic, and convert it back to hydrogen at the cost of renewable energy in Germany. “For every ten kilowatt hours you buy, two end up being saved,” says Martin.

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There is also concern about whether there will be enough Renewable energy Green hydrogen is available for large scale production. In Nova Scotia, 60 percent of electricity is generated from coal, gas, oil and petroleum coke. The province on Canada’s east coast is also unsuitable for developing wind energy. According to Martin, the use of wind turbines is 30 to 35 percent, compared to twice that in Chile.

The capacity of planned new wind farms will not be sufficient

However, Everwind likes its own wind turbines Develop and create. However, according to reports WirtschaftsWoche Lease agreements for state areas or applications for environmental impact assessments are also required in Canada. Green electricity for hydrogen production is urgent if it is to flow by 2025.

Although wind turbines should be ready, their capacity seems very small. EverWind estimates the system’s capacity at about 530 MW, which is loud WirtschaftsWoche Even under the best scenario, it will not be enough to produce the 200,000 tonnes of ammonia targeted in the first phase by 2025. From 2026, one million tonnes of ammonia is to be supplied to Unibur and E.ON. Also, Everwind wants to set up a 300 MW solar park. Even that is not enough for green energy production.