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Stadiums and stadiums for the European Women's Football Championship 2022

Stadiums and stadiums for the European Women’s Football Championship 2022

Where will the European Women’s Championship be played in England 2022? Read all about the venues and arenas for this year’s football highlight here.

the places & Phase The Football Championship 2022It’s Summer 2022: The Women’s European Football Championship planned for 2021 will take place in England between July 6 and July 31. A total of 16 teams compete in different arenas Great Britain against each other. Football fans can discover here the stadiums and venues where the European Women’s Football Championship will be held.

Venues and venues for the 2022 European Women’s Football Championship in England

The 2022 Women’s Football Tournament, also known as the Women’s EURO 2021, is held every four years in different countries. The last Women’s European Championship was held in 2017, so the European Women’s Championship fell in 2021. However, due to the pandemic, the European Men’s Football Championship and Olympics have been moved to 2021 – and the European Football Championship in order not to steal the show from the women, has been postponed This is also for a year. A year later, in 2022, it’s time: 16 women’s football teams play for the title of European Champions 2022. But in which stadiums will the tournaments be held? Find out the answer here.

Venues and stadiums: UEFA Women’s European Football Championship 2022

In which city and in what stadiums will the 2022 FIFA Women’s European Championships be played? The following table provides an overview:

place The theater Places games
London Wembley Stadium 90000 last

Old Trafford

74,000 opening game

Bramal Lin

32702 1 semi-final, 1 quarter-final, 2 Multiplayer

Saint Mary’s

32505 3 Multiplayer
Brighton & Hof Brighton social communication stadium 30750 1 quarter-final, 2 Multiplayer
Milton Keynes MK . theater 30500 1 semi-final, 3 Multiplayer
Brentford Brentford Community Stadium


1 quarter-final, 3 Multiplayer
Rotherham New York Stadium


1 quarter-final, 3 Multiplayer

why why Sports Village


1 quarter-final, 3 Multiplayer

Manchester Manchester City Academy Stadium 7000 3 Multiplayer
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UEFA Women’s European Championship 2022: Information and things to know about the stadiums

Singles matches for the 2022 European Women’s Championship have been distributed as evenly as possible by UEFA across ten different stadiums at different locations in England. However, as can be seen from the above table, there are exceptions. Seating available in private courtyards can vary greatly. You can find more basic information on this here.

The Wembley Stadium at London With 90,000 seats, it could accommodate most of the spectators for the 2022 FIFA Women’s European Championship. Due to the high capacity, the final match of the 2022 FIFA Women’s European Championship will also be held here. Enthusiastic football fans know this stadium. Two famous German football teams met in this arena in the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich They competed against each other at Wembley Stadium in 2013, and Bayern Munich eventually won 2-1. But the glory of this stage goes back even further. He scored the famous goal in the 1996 World Cup Final between Germany and England here at the old Wembley Stadium.

Another peculiarity in terms of size is that Manchester City Academy StadiumWith only 7,000 seats, it is the smallest stadium in the 2022 FIFA Women’s European Championship. The low-capacity stadium is actually used for spectators to make the rising stars of the football sky accustomed to playing in front of the crowd. The City Academy stadium in Manchester now deserves three group matches scheduled during the European Women’s Football Championship.

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A glimpse of the venues for the 2022 European Women’s Championship

With around 8.9 million inhabitants, the capital of England is a great venue for the final match of the 2022 FIFA Women’s European Championship. But London is known to have a lot more to offer than the magnificent Wembley Stadium. For example, tours through the other four football arenas in London can be fun for football fans. Learning about other sports, such as rugby, may also be useful for sports fans.

In contrast to dominant London, Lee City has the second smallest arena for this year’s European Women’s Football 2022 tournament. With a population of only 43,000, Lee is likely to be the smallest venue for this year’s 2022 European Women’s Football Championship. However, the city has its own charm and may host four matches of the Women’s European Championship.

Winners and hosts of the European Women’s Championships

In July 2022, the 13th European Women’s Championship will be held in Great Britain. England will host for the second time the FIFA Women’s Euro 2022. The last women’s football tournament was held in 2017 in the Netherlands, whose national team also won the final 4-2 over Denmark.

In 2013, the women’s football tournament was held in Sweden. Germany won the European Championship for the sixth time in a row. So, while the German women’s soccer team has also won the previous five European Women’s Championships, the host nations have varied. In 2009, Finland hosted the European Women’s Football Championship. Great Britain hosted the 2005 European Championship for the first time. Four years earlier, Germany had the honor of hosting and winning the European Women’s Football Championship.

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