November 29, 2023

According to national coach Ruddle, Niners Chemnitz is "on target" - Stanic comes out again

According to national coach Ruddle, Niners Chemnitz is “on target” – Stanic comes out again

Chemnitz. National basketball coach Henrik Rudel has praised the development of the Niniers Chemnitz that the Bundesliga has promoted. “From my point of view, you are on target and have a good chance of keeping the class,” said Rödl of Free Press (Wednesday). After 14 completed matches, the Saxons are 15th in the table with eight points.


According to Rodl, Chemnitz had a lot of bad luck early in the season when he lost his first six matches: “First with the double quarantine after Coronavirus cases in preparation, then Philippe Stanic’s injury. That’s why they started the season badly. But I think now they are doing a good job.” .

However, the Saxons now have to do without Stanik again. The center, which only celebrated its comeback last Saturday in the second leg against Bayreuth after a torn muscle bundle, is expected to miss for eight weeks with a torn double ligament in the right ankle.

Team decision by February 11th

“I’m very sorry for him. He was in the national team for the first time in the country,” said Rodl, who was in the national team for the first time in the country, he is in some way the symbol of this season, as some players cannot train for a long time due to quarantine or other reasons and then get injured when they play again. Called November 2020.

Rodell wants to decide by February 11 whether Jonas Richter and Jan Niklas Wimberg of Chemnitz will be part of the European Championship qualifiers against Great Britain (20 February) and Montenegro (22 February). “I will wait until then and see what happens. Both players have been under our supervision for a long time and have developed well,” said the national coach.

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