May 22, 2024

Spirit of Sports: Brazilian fans bring carnival atmosphere to Wembley as yellow and green dominate the home of football

Thousands flocked from Wembley Park tube station to the famous stadium in the hours before kick-off

There were multiple places to buy your England souvenirs including flags and scarves before the 7pm start time in London

After much talk throughout the week about the new England shirt, several old designs were on display on Saturday

Fans at Wembley showed off patriotic tattoos, as well as their love for the England team with team shirts and scarves.

Fans were caught in the reflection of the rain puddle, but although some rain fell, it remained mostly dry for those in attendance.

Young fans strategically positioned themselves on street furniture to be in the right place to take photos or find their loved ones

Excited young fans were able to show their love for the England team before kick-off within sight of the iconic ground

Young fans were able to show their love for England – or take home a match-day souvenir with a controversial half-and-half scarf

Inside the stadium, young fans continued to show their patriotism and show their support for the England national team during the match

Brazil fans were also in attendance, with one standing outside Wembley Stadium flaunting Ronaldo's shirt in the sunshine

Despite being vastly outnumbered by England fans, the visitors were keen to introduce themselves before kick-off

Many Brazilian fans wore yellow, although the players wore their blue away kit for the match.

The presence of the lively Brazilian fans cannot be missed, whether before kick-off or during the match from the stands

Brazilian fans couldn't stop smiling during the friendly match, even when things weren't going well

Some of their smiles were enhanced by the presence of masks, but others around them were naturally happy

Football fans' dedication to wearing their national colors is undeniable – in any way they choose

Just outside Wembley Stadium, fans flocked to take photos with a statue of Bobby Moore as a memento of their trip

A burgundy and blue scarf has been left in tribute to Bobby Moore, to honor his days as a West Ham player and England icon.

Before the match, soldiers waited to bring out the flags to display on the field along with the national anthems of both teams.

England's Three Lions mascots were on hand to help brighten the spirits of young fans at the stadium on Saturday evening

The two teams frustrated each other during the match, and neither of them was able to take advantage of the opportunities they had in the capital

Brazilian goalkeeper Pinto, who plays for Atletico Paranaense, was called into the match to deny England several times

Manchester City's John Stones was among those showing their talents ahead of this summer's European Championship

Anthony Gordon made his England debut against Brazil, making four shots during his 75 minutes on the pitch.

Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham returned to England to participate in Gareth Southgate's midfield from the start of the match.

The Brazilian defense did a good job of taking Bellingham out of the game and denying him the opportunity to shine

However, Danilo and Fabricio Bruno were on hand to help Bellingham out when he cramped up during the closing stages.

Some fans decided to fly kites during the match, with one image getting close to Newcastle star Gordon

The visitors celebrated their narrow victory after the referee's whistle, as Lucas Peraldo kissed his defensive partner Bruno on the head