March 2, 2024

Spengler Cup in Davos – 1:3 to 4:3: HC Davos gives Team Canada a cold shower – Sports

HC Davos managed to upset Team Canada for the second time in a row. Compared to the 2-1 scoreline a year ago, this time the prestigious encounter had a tremendous amount of spectacle and a miraculous turnaround. Because after two thirds the Davos team looked like the certain losers before the final fireworks began in the third third.

Davos turns the tide in the final third

The basis for this was Michael Vora's early goal in the 42nd minute. The defender scored from distance after careful preparatory work by on-loan Biel player Jesper Olofsson and thus certainly restored the hopes of the enthusiastic crowd.

But they had to wait almost 10 minutes for the much-awaited equaliser. But this was real fun. Lausanne's eye-catching reserve player, Henrik Haapala, set up perfectly for captain Andris Ampol, who beat substitute goalkeeper Aaron Dell with a backhand effort – a stroke of genius from the HCD veteran.

But it wasn't enough: 6 minutes later, Calle Anderson, on loan from Lugano, completed a quick and impressive move to make it 4-3. Despite the strong play, Team Canada was unable to respond.

HCD was caught off guard twice

Throughout the entire match, HC Davos was the most committed team, which is why the prestigious win at the end did not come by chance. The fact that Grayson's team was 1:3 down after two periods was mainly down to simple indiscipline, which was coldly punished by the 'Ahorn Papers'.

Not even 5 minutes had been played when Team Canada was able to celebrate for the first time. Josh Juris was left criminally alone in the slot and beat HCD goalkeeper Gilles Sen with a powerful direct shot. After the equalizer scored by Haapala in the middle of the match (31 minutes), the momentum was clear in favor of Davos, which became stronger in the middle third.

But what followed was a Canadian punchline almost out of nowhere:

  • Minute 38: The first, Michael Jolly, who was completely forgotten in front of the goal and is chasing goals in the National League for Logano, blocks a shot from Zac Leslie and makes the score 2-1 for Canada.
  • 40 min: Shortly afterwards, clubmate John Quenneville fired in from long range with a wrist shot. As Enzo Corvi makes an unfortunate distraction, the puck ends up in the box again behind Senn.

And this is how it continues

By winning the group, HC Davos will get a break on Friday. The Davos side will then face a challenge in the first semi-final on Saturday afternoon. Team Canada has to play an extra round and will face Kalpa Kuopio on Friday night. Both matches can be watched live on SRF zwei.