December 4, 2023

Sony top floor has menu update issue

Good: Sony understands its customers’ requests for more feature updates. Bad: Still nothing happens.

The eternal Achilles’ heel

Although Sony cameras have a strong following in the photography community for many reasons, they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to post-purchase firmware updates. While Nikon and Canon regularly update their cameras with new functions, these updates are often missing from Sony models.

Nikon in particular maintains its flagship Z9 camera impeccably with constant updates, showing customers that the high investment is appreciated. In contrast, Sony mainly offers minor bug fixes and performance improvements, but no major new features for the already released cameras.

This lack of “after-sales support” was the subject of an interview conducted by the YouTube channel Lensvid, among others. Specifically, the interviewer asked about the expected big update for the Sony A7s III and A1. Yann Salmon-Legagneur, head of marketing for imaging products and solutions at Sony Europe, said that the company’s senior management was also aware of the desire for further updates and that this request was being discussed at the highest level.

Unfortunately, Sony’s manager couldn’t say more about this; There was no critical question from the interviewee. The steps Sony derives from this knowledge remain mere speculation. After all, the Sony A7 IV received a major 2.0 update in the spring, but the switch from Imaging Edge Mobile to the Creators app caused more problems than joy.

Recently, wild rumors have emerged that Sony wants to offer paid firmware updates in the future. Does that solve the problem?

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via: Beta pixel | Post image: Kim Baker