June 22, 2024

Smart Home: Google discontinued the Wi-Fi app in favor of Google Home

Smart Home: Google discontinued the Wi-Fi app in favor of Google Home

Along with launching new smart home products, Google also wants to change the way it works. The Google Wifi app should not be available in a few weeks. Its functionality is fully integrated into the Google Home app.

The manufacturer has already announced in 2019 that the WiFi app will be discontinued. It is used to connect devices like Google Nest Wifi router and Home Mini or Nest Mini speaker aids.

Users should use the Google Home app in the future. It recently received an update and it should take over the role of the Google Wifi app in full. As of May 25, it will not be possible, according to Google, to set up new devices with the Google Wifi app or change networks via it. Once you migrate the devices to Google Home, this step cannot be undone.

In June, Google wants to remove the app from the Play Store and stop supporting it. Google Wifi and Google Nest Wifi support documents already refer to Google Home app only. There is no longer any talk of Google Wifi app.

In a WLAN network, a Google WLAN router connects to one or more access points and aims to extend the network coverage. When Google launched the Nest WiFi router, it was only possible to set it up with the Google Home app. However, it does not support all the functions of the Google Wifi app. So both apps were needed temporarily. Google has now removed this mess. Reveal “Google Nest” Help How to migrate Google Wifi devices to Google Home app.

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