Smart door locks on test: Hey sesame, open yourself – please automatically

There is hardly anything more annoying when you get home than standing in front of the front door fully loaded and then having to place your purchases on the wet floor to take out the key. Smart door locks are designed to solve this and some other issues by opening them automatically when you get home.

I’ve tested three solutions like this, from Nuki, Yale and Tedee, in the past few months and have been sometimes more, sometimes less enthusiastic. In some cases, smart locks have made everyday life easier for me. But sometimes they made me look silly when I wave my cell phone in front of the locked door for minutes.

The functional principle is the same for all devices: the locks are connected to the mobile phone via bluetooth, and they can be locked and unlocked from there using the app or automatically opened and closed when approaching or moving away from the mobile phone in your pocket. The so-called bridges, which are offered as accessories, also allow the locks to be controlled remotely via the Internet. There are also openers that open the door with the push of a button or after entering the access code.

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