Diablo 4: The developers explain how the endgame works

Updated December 22, 2021 at 1:32 pm.

  • It looks like “Diablo 4” wants to hook players forever.
  • The new Paragon system is designed so that your hero’s expansion never ends.
  • In addition, Blizzard revealed more details about the upcoming RPG.

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For the upcoming RPG “Diablo 4”, developer Blizzard has created something truly diabolical that PC, PlayStation and Xbox players won’t quit even after getting credits.

in details Blog entry The developers introduced the game’s endgame system in more detail. This new Paragon system enables you to level up your hero almost endlessly.

This is how the new Paragon System works

And this is how the system works: from level 50, the well-known Paragon system from “Diablo 3” is activated. In the game “Diablo 4” it is more like a board game “Don’t be alarmed”.

Quite simply: you start in the middle of the board and from there gradually unlock additional talents and bonuses. However, things soon get complicated: in addition to the ‘normal’ fields that offer minor improvements, there will also be ‘magic’, ‘rare’ and ‘legendary’ fields on the board with powerful improvements and bonuses, some of which are huge on their influential gameplay.

Moreover, there will also be “pillars” that can be filled with so-called glyphs (and difficult to find). These codes, which can also be normalized, in turn affect all adjacent fields. The rarity of the avatar determines the radius of the action.

When players reach the end of the game board at some point, they can choose from several templates with different orientations. It is simply flanged and equipped with a number of new fields and sockets, so that the upgrade spiral continues.

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Convertible Gems

In addition, the developers revealed more details about “Diablo 4”. In the final game, each hero class will put an end to monsters with individual and varied animations. Killed monsters no longer randomly drop loot. Certain types of enemies will carry certain types of items.

In addition to the blacksmith and the merchant, there will also be a “world of occultism” in the game. He can – for any amount of gold – transfer the properties of certain things to other things. For example, if you have two legendary swords, the “essence” (ie, bonuses) of the blade can for example be moved to a ring.

It is still unclear when exactly Diablo 4 will be released. Because of huge internal problems However, the development studio does not expect a release before 2023.
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