December 10, 2023

iPhone 13: First info on Apple smartphones for 2021

iPhone 13: First info on Apple smartphones for 2021

120 Hz and other camera improvements 2 minutes. Read


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ApplePro has revealed exclusive Max Weinbach leaks about Apple’s iPhone 13. This year’s iPhone generation should finally show up with 120Hz, but camera improvements are also under discussion. You can read a summary here.

About four months after the iPhone 12 models were introduced, rumors have surfaced about the back. In an 11-minute video, YouTuber EverythingApplePro enters information about the iPhone 13 series, most of which comes from the well-known Leaker Max Weinbach. According to Weinbach, there should be changes to the texture of the matte back so that it feels more comfortable and comfortable in the hand. The basic design is unlikely to change, but the rear camera unit can be modified easily.

According to Weinbach, stronger magnets are being used internally for MagSafe, and Apple is also working on better cooling. It is unclear if Cupertino will dispense with the traditional charging connection and rely entirely on MagSafe. Touch ID is also being considered with an in-screen optical fingerprint sensor, since Face ID doesn’t work with face masks.

Pro models with 120 Hz

Many fans vainly hoped for AMOLED displays with 120Hz last year, but some of them will definitely be installed on Pro models of the upcoming iPhone 13 series. At the same time, Apple will likely offer new models an always-on display. However, according to Weinbach, it should only offer a small range of functions and look like an abstract lock screen.

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In addition, it was planned to improve the cameras. Above all, the wide-angle camera will get an upgrade on all models in the form of a better sensor, more lenses and a stronger aperture. According to Weinbach, there are also new camera modes for astrophotography and selfie videos with blur that can be adjusted afterwards. There shouldn’t be a pericsup camera, but unlike the iPhone 12 series, the phone cameras for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will likely be identical again. The final designation remains unclear – instead of the iPhone 13, the company can also name the iPhone 12S series.

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