February 28, 2024

All about Apple VR glasses and a deepfake guide

All about Apple VR glasses and a deepfake guide

The future of computers in its weekly review: Rumors about Apple’s virtual reality glasses are becoming more specific, and the group has finally introduced a powerful AR app. Creating deepfakes yourself just got easier in 2021.

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Virtual Reality

Will Apple bring VR goggles, and if so, when and with what features? We have summarized the current rumors. | Photo: mixed

All information about Apple VR glasses

Next year, Apple will release advanced virtual reality glasses. We’ve all known so far Apple VR glasses and rumors Collected.

Oculus Quest 2 – New features

Facebook will improve Oculus Quest 2 regularly through software updates. To this New Quest 2 features We are especially happy.

Realworld: Google Earth alternative to Quest

Google Earth VR is one of the best apps VR has to offer, but unfortunately it is only available for the VR PC. Now wait with me Realworld is an alternative to Oculus Quest With two cool new features.

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Artificial intelligence

|  DeepFaceLab address

Deepfakes for everyone, this is what programs like Reface or DeepFaceLab promise. So you can create your own deepfakes.

Create deepfake: 2021 vs 2019

we have A guide to creating deepfake Updated. How easy is deepfaking in 2021 compared to 2019?

The Anti-Turing Test: How Artificial Intelligence Should Learn Language

Artificial intelligence can generate and imitate human language. But artificial intelligence still lacks an understanding of real language. new Language test for artificial intelligence You should assist on the road to AI language with a general understanding of the language.

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Autonomous Leadership: The Federal Cabinet approves a bill

The Autonomous Driving Law Back on track. Has the critical processing of transactional data been corrected?

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Augmented Reality

Apple is expanding its streaming service on Apple TV + using augmented reality.  It starts with a Lidar-powered AR app for the alternate world series "For all of humanity", From which you can run a historical Apple computer.

For All Mankind: Apple AR app brings a great story to the exclusive series. | Photo: Apple

Apple introduces a premium AR app

finally! Apple is flexing its muscles with AR software and brings one Premium-Story-App zur Apple-TV-Serie “For All Mankind”.

AR filter for zoom

The popular video chatting app Zoom brings AR filters – and makes the internet lawyer happy with it, because it’s the same Accidentally in a digital baby cat Transformation.

Microsoft tests the Hololens 2 in OP-Saal

Between November 2020 and January 2021 Microsoft tested Hololens 2 AR glasses with twelve surgeons in the operating room He now talks cheerfully about the results.

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