May 27, 2024

Sky One has been discontinued in Great Britain –

Changes in the UK's pay-TV business have often had a noticeable impact on Germany as well. In the UK, Sky has now announced that it will disband its entertainment channel, Sky One. Sky Showcase, which will show program highlights from the entire Sky show, will take its place. The former role of Sky One will now move to Sky Max – with minor changes.


In the past decade, Sky has undergone two major changes. On the one hand, the close integration of the British branches (UK and Ireland), the German-speaking branches (Germany and Austria) and the Italian branches into one hand by the family of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. The merger was then sold to Comcast, making Sky a sister company to NBCUniversal, which had previously operated pay-TV channels in Europe. Both operations led to numerous reorderings of Sky's own channels.

In addition, there is a change in the world of media due to streaming: the discontinuation of pay TV channels (such as FOX in favor of Disney+ – which was already completed in the UK on June 30) or the fact that people are preparing for this with new channels such as Sky Crime that will lose formats. Discovery's own reality soon if the media group enters the world of streaming itself. Above all, there is also the expectation that Sky will lose access to HBO productions (which are shown collectively on Sky Atlantic) in the future when current contracts expire and HBO Max also competes in the same Sky markets.

Changes at Sky UK

So, things are now being rearranged in the UK. By renaming the program Channel 105 from Sky One to Sky gallery Customers of the UK pay-TV provider can now get it there Mixed highlights Sky's various channels are offered as a model, including non-fiction formats from Sky Crime, Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature.

Sky One has been the central broadcaster of licensed series and in-house productions in Great Britain since 1989. The range of shows is now diversifying, as evidenced by the launch of Sky Comedy, where this colorful program has already been placed in its own spotlight and where Sky's own productions sit alongside Series from its sister company NBC (advertised: “Young Rock”) and other licensed productions.

The new Sky Max channel is now creating a new repository for various forms of entertainment, including “A Discovery of Witches,” “A League of Their Own” and “Never Mind the Buzzcocks.”