April 21, 2024

Sion creates an upset and knocks out YB

Coach Didier Tholot gets a kiss from president Christian Constantin.Image: Cornerstone

Sion, which belongs to the lower division, achieved a surprise in the Swiss Cup and reached the semi-finals. Falisi defeated Young Boys by beating their visitors 2-1.

Sion and the Swiss Cup, that's a love story. Only the Grasshoppers have won this competition more times (19 times) than the Valais, who, like Basel, have lifted the cup 13 times. The last victory was nine years ago. Sion last reached the final in 2017, losing 3-0 to Basel. This is their only defeat in the cup final so far.

Cup semi-final

Winterthur – Servette
Sion – Lugano

A lot has happened since then, one year before Sion were relegated to the Challenge League. As a result, Didier Tholot took over the coaching position at the traditional club for the fourth time. Under the Frenchman's leadership, Sion won the cup in 2009 and 2015. Now they are still two wins away from the “treble” with Tholot.

This is not ridiculous. Sion have lost just once in 27 competitive matches this season and are clearly top of the Challenge League. In the cup, they beat the top-tier Grasshoppers (3-0) in the second round. Now Sion deservedly beat Premier League leaders YB.

He defended in an amateur manner

Yas Shawarf scored the important goal 1-0 in front of 14,200 spectators in the Tourbillon in the 19th minute. Nouma Lavanche sent the Frenchman sideways into the penalty area, and then did not give Bern goalkeeper Anthony Racioppi any chance. As beautifully as the goal was scored, the visitors were mere amateurs. They were too focused on the ball and Shawarf should not have been able to finish the game so freely.

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YB's reaction: Ineffective possession of the ball. Even after the break there was no reaction for a long time. Bern started the second half with a good attack, but that's about it. In the 64th minute, Dean Surjic raised the score to 2-0 after Joel Schmid failed to beat Racioppi with a header from close range. The goal was symptomatic of the game, as Theo Bouchelarm followed up resolutely and made the goal possible.

Useless pronunciation

The Bernese lacked that determination for long periods of the match. So no more than Silvieri Gianvola's goal (82') was visible. The visitors were unlucky in stoppage time when Gianvola hit the crossbar again.

In recent years, YB has always been synonymous with cool. This matter finally ended, after the Bern team lost the important match at home to Servette 0-1 on Sunday, which meant that the gap with second-placed Geneva was reduced to four points. Then goalkeeper David von Palmos criticized the behavior of some players. However, the discussion did not initially produce the desired results. It is becoming increasingly likely that Rafael Wiki's contract will not be renewed, even if he remains in charge until the end of the season.

Sion – Young Boys 2:1 (1:0)
14,200 spectators. -S.R. San.
Portals: 19. Al-Shawarf 1-0. 64. Surgic 2-0. 81. Ganfulah 2:1.
Sion: Violo. Lavanchi, Schmid, Ziegler, Hefti; Bua, Kabacalman; Perdais, Chouarif, Bouchlarme (79. Chipperfield); Qalan (84 guests).
Little boys: Racciopi. Bloom, Kamara, Amanda (Hosick 86), Hajim (Pearson 46); Looper. Joel Monteiro (67 Mvuka Mugisha), Lakome, male (77 Koli); Elijah, Eten (67. Genvola).
Warnings: 38. Lavanche. 45. Cupping. 70. Genvola, 83. Aminda. (Abu/Sda)

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Top scorers in Switzerland since 1990


Top scorers in Switzerland since 1990

1989/90: Ivan Zamorano, St. Gallen, 23 goals.

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