June 20, 2024

Sebastian Vettel tests his new Aston Martin in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel tests his new Aston Martin in Formula 1

TheAwrence Stroll came out last week. It could be a little more. But one thing was still missing from a real state business: Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and head of state of 15 other states – including Canada, which is not insignificant in the current context of required acceleration – did not enter the fashion entrepreneur by Montreal, the week introduced his machine, the power of which was initially concealed by Union Jack of course.

But actor Daniel Craig, the actor in “Bond, James Bond”, who has been slowed by the pandemic for much longer than Formula 1, has announced his latest appearance as a factor, which should be seen in the fall. Hosted by actress Gemma Arterton, in “A Quantum of Solace” a Crown Consulars employee called Strawberry Fields and thus Bond Girl Forever and Forever, to say the same with the Beatles, even if the movie in question was previously held in the cinema.

So it wasn’t the little party that digitally introduced the Aston Martin AMR21 to the public when the flag was finally raised. The company car of old majesty, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and son of investor Lance Stroll, was familiar to many, at first glance. Not because the first Aston Martin F1 has been in British Racing Green for 61 years.

Anything else would have caused anger. But because the racing team, which last year was still on the road as Racing Point, stays true to its line. Or, in the eyes of the beholder, the Mercedes line – the line of the previous year. While in 2020, competition in general and Renault in particular have complained that Racing Point has recreated the World Championship car as of 2019, the talk was immediately of the “green Mercedes”, which rolled over the Silverstone circuit for the first time last Thursday of course. Under the spray of Northamptonshire, it will now be tested in Bahrain from Friday to Sunday.

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