July 15, 2024

The Royal Family: A Tragic Loss

The Royal Family: A Tragic Loss

Members of the royal family could now face a tragic loss and what that would mean for the royal family, we will now tell you …

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s revealed interview with Oprah WinfreyThe couple made serious allegations against the British royal family, It has an impact not only on Buckingham Palace itself, but also on the entire kingdomWhich has been ruled by Queen Elizabeth since she was sworn in in 1952. The Commonwealth includes a total of 54 states, Which is presided over by Elizabeth II, and in 15 of them, the largest of which is Canada, New Zealand and Australia, the Queen is Queen. In the last country they were nowSoon after Oprah spoke, Sounds that the time has come to end the reign of the monarchy after the demise of the queen. We’ll tell you what Australia’s tragic loss could mean for the royal family …

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The royal family: This is what happens when Australia becomes independent

As if the British royal family was with Prince PhilipWho is still recovering from surgery in the hospital, Interview allegations From Megan and Harry, There really aren’t enough worries, the power of the monarchy is now fluctuating. In Australia he expressed himself Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Shortly after Oprah interviewed the broadcaster ABC Television with words: “Our head of state must be an Australian citizenOne of us, not the Queen or King of the United Kingdom. (…) After the Queen’s reign ends, it is time to say, “Well, we’ve come to a tipping point and we really want to continue, whoever is the President, King or Queen of the United Kingdom, automatically like we do?”. Turnbull is not alone in his opinion, Because also the country of Barbados, Which until now was part of the Commonwealth as an independent nation, It will become a republic in November. Although incumbent Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has yet to release a statement on the The deliberations are likely to spark more dark clouds over Buckingham Palace, which would tragically lose its authority if Australia became independent. We will definitely keep you updated!

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