June 23, 2024

Handover: Biden complains that Trump is not helpful |  Offline America |  DW

Handover: Biden complains that Trump is not helpful | Offline America | DW

Future US President Joe Biden accuses the Donald Trump administration of further preventing extradition. In a speech in his hometown of Wilmington, Biden complained that his team did not get all the information they needed on key national security issues. This is “irresponsible”.

Is the Pentagon hesitant?

Biden specifically complained about the Department of Defense and criticized that the administration was putting obstacles in the way of his team and obstructing delivery. The Democrats team had previously complained that the Defense Department was canceling the briefing and withholding information. The Pentagon rejected that.

The incumbent Trump lost the presidential election to his Democratic rival Biden in early November. But he refuses to admit defeat. Trump agreed to collaborate with the Biden team on handing over official business until weeks of loitering after the election. Until then, the election winner spoke of an irresponsible approach, while Trump tried to avoid defeat by legal means and kept talking about fraud.

Many differences, including in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic: incumbent Trump (left) and election winner Biden

The orderly handover of official business after the presidential election is provided for in the law. The goal is to ensure that Americans can always count on a working government. The constitution sets January 20 as the date for the inauguration of the new president.

‘Work without us’

In his speech in Wilmington, Biden stressed his intention to make adjustments with international allies. Biden said there is a “huge void” at the moment – the future government must restore the confidence of a world that has “begun to find ways to work around us or to work without us.” He stressed the need for international cooperation, especially with regard to China.

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