Search and sensuality – fashion and search – no contradiction

On the podium: Judith Belfke (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), Sabine Tachner Mandel (Molecular biologist Saint Anna for Pediatric Cancer Research)Romana Zöchling (fashion designer and fashion label FERRARI ZÖCHLING),
Bella Borsodi, Fotokünstler.

– © Screenshot, YouTube

Is there anything in common between science and fashion? To what extent can medical research and fashion design relate to each other? in the project”art4scienceThe Saint Anna Foundation for Children’s Cancer Research faces the challenge of fusing the polar opposites of art and science in order to sensory and mediate research. The second discussion in the series was devoted to the topic of ‘Search and Sensuality’.

“If art can do anything, it can represent the indescribable, and the indescribable,” Bella Borsodi says in the discussion group. In a current project, the graphic artist is documenting the birth of a cancer that first appears in the femur. It has to do with the strengths of the immune system, healing and the way scientists work.

“To learn about the properties of cells, they are examined under a microscope. A multidimensional image is created,” explains Sabine Tachner Mandel, a molecular biologist at St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Center. Cells are broken down into their molecular components, and at the end of the day we learn from them and the components are reassembled. Fashion designer Romana Zöchling implements this synthesis in her work. Taschner-Mandl: “What it’s like to work in everyday life, how we work in science – at the end of the day hopefully you’ll have a new piece or a new vision.”

greeting: Thomas the LionDirector of Laboratory Diagnostics Labdia, MD, St. Anna Molecular Geneticist, Children’s Cancer Research; Martin Fleischer, general manager of Wiener Zeitung.

Platform: Sabine Tachner MandelSt. Anna, molecular biologist for Children’s Cancer Research; Bella Borsodi, optical. Romana ZuchlingFERRARI ZÖCHLING, fashion designer and fashion label.

moderation: Judith Belfkih, deputy editor-in-chief of Wiener Zeitung.

- © Jelly Goldman
© Geely Goldman

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