April 23, 2024

Science Temporary Contracts Act: Broad coalition calls for effective reform

The Federal Ministry of Education has once again submitted a draft to amend the Science Temporary Contracts Act, which falls far short of what the coalition agreement promised to the federal government. A broad coalition of student and employee representatives, as well as trade unions, criticized this in a joint statement on the occasion of the Cabinet decision scheduled today. Deputy DGB President Elke Hanack It was said on Wednesday in Berlin:

“In its coalition agreement, the federal government promised better framework conditions for universities, science and research. What the Federal Minister of Education wants to achieve now by amending the Law on Temporary Contracts for Science unfortunately leads to the opposite. The draft now presented still largely matches what was withdrawn in June. June 2023 After harsh criticism. If this law comes out like this, and if it is not significantly improved in the end, it will ultimately harm science and research in our country. More than half of scientists are now thinking about leaving academia* because the working conditions are not suitable.

We need permanent positions for permanent assignments in teaching and research and contracts for doctoral students that correspond to actual doctoral terms. We expect the legislature to finally unfreeze tariffs on the scientific sector – without any conditions or reservations. As is the norm in other sectors, unions must finally be allowed to exercise their fundamental right to negotiate better conditions for working in science – and thus make it attractive again.

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