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Rostock (dpa/mv) – The Institute of Physics at the University of Rostock can look forward to funding of around €11 million for the next four years. As the university reported on Friday, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has awarded the institute a new contract for light-matter interaction in the field of special research. There are also senior researchers from the Berlin Max Born Institute.

The light-matter interaction is at the center of natural phenomena and technological applications. This includes photosynthesis, but also solar cells, optoelectronics, sensors, environmental analysis, and laser materials processing, she said.

As Science Minister Bettina Martin (SPD) said, new approaches will be used to investigate the geometric, electronic and topological properties of the material with the help of specially designed light. “The goal is to control the particle dynamics in materials as closely as possible.” Rostock scientists were able to beat the strong competition.

According to the university, work begins with a management team of six people and 22 project managers. There are also many young researchers who can start their careers at the Collaborative Research Center.

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