July 14, 2024

Science City still works only on Humboldtwiese

Science City still works only on Humboldtwiese

It all started with this intern partner – Friedhelm Anderl and Susan Casimir at their old workplace.

Ten years ago, Lübeck was proud to be the “City of Science”. Broken devices were left from this time; Only on Humboldtwiese the spirit of 2012 is still blowing.

Lubeck. Friedhelm Anderl still remembers it well, although the event was more than ten years ago. “It was February when we made our first climb here. There was snow,” says the Head of the Interest Group (IG) in the Dornbrite settlement. On this sunny autumn day, he is once again accompanied by Susan Casimir and Ralph Schott on a visit to the Humboldtwiese site.

However, both are on a different mission compared to 2012, when Lübeck was nicknamed the “City of Science”. It’s like a trip to the past, when this area was still called “Schaffberg”. Because Schott, at the time in charge of the metropolitan area of ​​urban green space and traffic, is now retired, and Casimir, who was once the science officer of the Hanseatic city, is now responsible for his Nordic film days.

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