Science and technology: Nobody should accept advertising calls

What do they want again?

In order to stop annoying phone advertising terrorism in the long term, we recommend that you file a complaint with the Federal Network Agency. Photo: Christine Klose / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

by email The Federal Network Agency advises that in order for uninvited callers to be sued as well, it makes sense to have a pen and paper ready to record a one-time conversation and then file a complaint.

Because with this ComplaintsThe Federal Network Agency can hold companies accountable for making illegal phone ads that contain accurate information about when, what number was called, and what was advertised.

Authorities recently imposed a fine of around 260,000 euros on a call center operator for unauthorized phone advertisements. He had announced illegally over the phone on behalf of various companies in the telecommunications, energy and insurance sectors.

All advertising calls that are not explicitly requested are an unreasonable nuisance and are therefore prohibited. The way the conversation is conducted is also relevant, as it can influence the amount of the potential fine. Complaints by email ([email protected]), Internet form Or by mail A printed copy of the form Maybe.

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Make a complaint

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