February 24, 2024

Bring bluetooth to work again

Bring bluetooth to work again

Bluetooth and airplane mode buttons on the smartphone screen.

Airplane mode for attention: If activated, Bluetooth will turn off once, but can be turned on again directly if needed. Photo: Andrea Warnick / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

And is the Bluetooth function turned on at all? For example, Airplane mode often deactivates Bluetooth, but the radio connection can also be turned on again in this mode.

Limited range

The distance between the transmitter and the receiver is also important. The short range Bluetooth radio often reaches about ten meters and works better without walls or obstacles in between.

Even if the sender or recipient is already connected to another device, no additional device can be integrated without a special app or distributor.

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Coupling is a must

When using the transmitter for the first time, the transmitter and receiver must first be paired with each other. New devices often go into pairing mode automatically, but they can also be activated manually. Exactly how this works depends on the device and can be found in the relevant instructions for use.

Restarting can also help if Bluetooth has stopped. Otherwise, it remains to check if the devices work with the latest versions of Bluetooth. Older models may require a firmware update, which can be found at the manufacturer.

Delete old contacts

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Older saved Bluetooth connections can also hinder existing connections. So unnecessary connection entries must be deleted and devices re-paired.

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