March 2, 2024

Schwingen - Zug Unspunnen winner Leo Betschart died

Schwingen – Zug Unspunnen winner Leo Betschart died


Zug Unspunnen winner Leo Betschart died

Leo Bechart passed away, and the 65-year-old passed away in his adoptive home country of Canada.

Leo Betschart from Zug passed away on Saturday in Canada. This was stated before Schwinger’s Blog On Instagram. The cause of his death is unknown.

Leo Petscart

Photo Archive LZ

The 65-year-old swung for swing club Cham-Ennetsee. Leo Betschart celebrated his biggest success in 1981 when he won the Unspunnen Festival in Interlaken. In 1986, he won the Central Swiss Wrestling Festival, the Rigi and BrĂ¼nig Schwinget. At the age of thirty-five, Betschart played his last competition in Zug Canton. The Swiss has won 91 wreaths four times and celebrated 31 wreath victories in his career.

After his career, he held various careers in wrestling. He was the coach of his home club and wrestling union Zug. In 2011 he immigrated to Canada. He lives with his wife Edith in Nova Scotia, about three hours from Halifax.

During the first eight years of being in Canada, Betschart worked on a deer farm. Then he worked in a land development company. He was responsible for infrastructure, boats and snow plows. Once a year, Betscharts visit their children, grandchildren, and family in Switzerland.

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