The British also wanted to withdraw their soldiers from Afghanistan

British soldiers in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. (Archive image)
Photo: dpa

According to London, 750 British soldiers are still stationed in the Hindu Kush who depend on the infrastructure of the Americans. Therefore, Great Britain joins the Washington withdrawal plans.

NAccording to a media report, the United States is also planning to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by September 11th.

The Times reported on Tuesday that all approximately 750 British soldiers will be ordered to return home from the country. Without US support, they will find it difficult in Afghanistan because they depend on American bases and infrastructure.

Shortly before, US officials announced that President Joe Biden was planning to withdraw 2,500 American troops from Afghanistan by 9/11. Officially, he wants to announce his decision on Wednesday.

The deadline comes on the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks planned by Al Qaeda from Afghanistan. American soldiers marched to the mountains in search of terrorists. The war in Afghanistan is now the longest war effort in US history.

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