December 1, 2023

Salary increase for Tesla employees at Gigafactory Brandenburg

Elon Musk visits the Gigafactory construction site in Berlin in 2020.
Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla has given 11,000 employees at its Gigafactory in Berlin a four percent pay increase, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This comes at a time when Germany’s largest union is trying to organize at the factory.

Tesla workers in Sweden are already on strike, while the US Automobile Manufacturers Association is recruiting members.

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Tesla has given workers at its Gigafactory in Berlin a pay rise as unions eye the electric car maker, reports say. “Wall Street Journal”. According to the newspaper, the management informed the factory’s 11,000 employees that they will receive a four percent wage increase starting this month.

The announcement came on Friday during Elon Musk’s visit to the factory on his way back from the AI ​​Safety Summit in the United Kingdom, where he was interviewed by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The newspaper reported that the December salary package includes a bonus of 1,500 euros to compensate for inflation. From February, production employees will receive an additional raise of 2,500 euros per year.

Musk also announced during his visit that a car will be manufactured in the Berlin factory at a cost of only 25 thousand euros, as “Reuters“This will be an important milestone in the company’s efforts to make its cars accessible to everyone,” she reported.

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The salary increase comes at an uncertain time for Tesla’s management

Tesla employees in Sweden have been on strike since October 27 after the company defied a collective agreement with its workers – a common occurrence in the country. And dock workers in Sweden have Threatened by itTo prevent Tesla cars from being loaded at four ports if an agreement is not reached.

Tesla’s leadership is also facing tensions in Berlin, where IG Metall, Germany’s largest union, says employees are joining in large numbers.

Last month, IG Metall said the number of Tesla workers joining unions had risen significantly and accused the company of failing to comply with health and safety regulations.

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According to media reports, a notable number of work accidents are said to have occurred at the Tesla factory in Gruenheide

In the United States, the United Auto Workers organization set its sights on Tesla after its major victory over the Detroit Three: Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors. “The workers at Tesla, Toyota, Honda and others are not the enemy — they are future UAW members,” UAW President Sean Fine said loudly. CNBC.

Tesla did not immediately respond to Business Insider US’s request for comment.

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