April 25, 2024

Robot support for builders in space

Robot support for builders in space

simon robot

Cimon assistance system – the robot is supposed to keep German astronaut Matthias Maurer on the International Space Station. Photo: – / DLR / dpa

(Photo: dpa)

The head of the European Space Agency, Josef Asbacher, told the German Press Agency in Paris.

The Cimon Assist System is a free-flying robot the size of a medicine ball with voice and screen control. Cimon is already on the International Space Station and is supposed to support the astronauts in their daily work. He can help if you have questions about specific tasks. Aschbacher clarified, for example, whether the cable should be soldered on the left or the right.

The idea behind this is that the missions will eventually take longer. “Of course, you first need the information,” Ashbacher said. Especially with long flights, you can’t call the NASA Flight Control Center in Houston directly. But Cimon is also about more, explained Aschbacher, that is, “this AI companion also keeps some company and provides some entertainment, which is of course very desirable.”

Maurer began a trip to the International Space Station on November 11 with three NASA astronauts. Even his German predecessor on the space station, Alexander Gerst, could count on Simon’s help in space.

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