June 23, 2024

Richard Dexter: The sick woman is excluded!  Love hustler needs to go to jail

Richard Dexter: The sick woman is excluded! Love hustler needs to go to jail

Pretend to get rich and love them so much just to get their money. In the UK, a ‘Tinder scammer’ has now been sentenced to four years in prison after years of stealing several women.

In the search for great love, caution is advised – especially on dating platforms like Tinder.
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The Netflix scam “Tinder scammers” Simon Leviev It is clearly not an isolated case. As is the case with the British “subway” can be read, else”tinderHe is also said to have scammed women out of hundreds of thousands of euros to fund his luxurious lifestyle. And apparently the dating app scammer went too far, as he was arrested and sent to prison.

British ‘scammer’ tinder condemned: scamming victims with hundreds of thousands of euros

In all, 38-year-old Richard Dexter, the name of the fraudster, is said to have cheated his victims out of £141,500 (about €168,000), the British newspaper reports. Like one of the victims, Amrita Sebastian, before Tennis Court Revealed, Dexter convinced her Money A multi-million dollar biopharmaceutical investment that didn’t really exist. In fact, Dexter spent the money on his living expenses and paying off debts, they say. He claimed on Tinder that he was a successful businessman who sold biopharmaceutical technology and it was worth millions.

With this trick, seduce women

How did he get the women to give him their money? As one victim explained in court, Richard Dexter lured women with “private planes and expensive cars.” He also claimed to have bought a hot air balloon. “I am 32 years old and most of my friends are college graduates, they all have debts and fears and make £40,000-60,000. I just bought a hot air balloon yesterday just because I can,” a Tinder scammer message to victim read.

Richard Dexter destroyed a shamelessly sick woman

It is said that Amrita and Richard first met in person in October 2015. During that meeting, he tricked her into investing money in his alleged medical company. He claimed the deal was worth 3.6 million pounds (4.3 million euros) and that she could benefit from it at 50 per cent and “lose nothing”, the court said. Over the next 15 months, Sebastian sent Dexter a series of payments, some of which amounted to £68,000 (€80,000). Blind love, she continued to send money when she herself became “extremely ill” and had to be hospitalized.

Amrita Sebastian Waited 2 Years for Her Money – Then Reported the Police

However, after Dexter failed to pay any money, Amrita reported it to the police in April 2017. “Since Dexter had so much of my money, I felt trapped,” the victim said in court. Records showed that Dexter used part of the money as payment to a classic car company.

Tinder scammer is a father of two

The defendant, a father of two from Southsea, Hampshire, had previously pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud and was convicted in court for fraudulent possession of property and interference with justice. On Thursday, he was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Richard Dexter was remorseful in court: “I’m so sorry I think about it every day, from waking up to going to sleep. I can’t justify myself or what I’ve done.”

Dating scammer Richard Dexter sentenced to four years in prison

However, Judge Timothy Moseley did not want to buy that. Of judging Dexter, he said, “There are few signs of remorse, and in my opinion, no evidence of real remorse. You never thought of her, I knew her health and yet I kept taking money from her.”

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