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Candidates of diverse origins. But they can all put themselves in the right light.

The famous black door in 10 Downing Street barely closed behind Johnson after his abdication speech when former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak put himself in the right light with a gleaming little movie online:

“Family means everything to me”

Sunak tells the pathetic story of an Indian immigrant family who made their way through hard labor in Great Britain. He has wisely ignored the fact that his wife is probably richer than the Queen and has not paid taxes in Britain for years. Apart from these details, Sunak embodies Johnson’s polar opposite. He is serious and hardworking. Not a clown, but an accountant.

The Benny Mordaunt candidacy is also being traded highly at the moment. The current Secretary of State for Commerce Policy was an officer in the Royal Navy and relies on Naval Tones. The ship and captain should be the focus of the future:

“It has to be more about the ship.”

The most important qualities of the Prime Minister are credibility and integrity, as all candidates emphasize as their talisman. One can almost forget that the majority of these brilliant stars didn’t live on the moon until a few hours before the phantom artist Johnson’s demise, but they were part of his realm of power as ministers. But that’s in the past – as of today, new values ​​are being applied…

In addition to personality traits, tax cuts are the topic of the hour. With the Conservatives accumulating an astronomical mountain of debt in recent years and Britons grappling with their highest fiscal burden in 70 years, all candidates – except for Sunak – promise immediate tax cuts in the billions:

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“We have to deliver, deliver and deliver”

Where these funds will be provided remains a mystery at present. Currently, the Feast of Promises is the order of the day.

The race to decide who will formally shape the UK’s future will begin on Tuesday evening when the party’s search committee announces congress rules.

This is how elections are conducted

open box
close the box

As a first step, the conservative parliamentary group will reduce the field of candidates to two by Parliament’s summer recess.

The two frontrunners will likely face the party base in a nationwide election run over the course of the summer. According to this, the 200,000 members of the Conservative Party could decide by letter who should be the new prime minister in the future by the end of the summer.

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