Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her platinum jubilee: all the celebrations of the 70th year of her reign

Cake with the “Crown of Spaghetti”

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Queen Elizabeth II: The Loden and the Blue Dress

The outfit the Queen chose for the occasion was classic: a light blue dress with floral embroidery, three strands of pearls and a brooch all over. She chose a green coat with a cape and a scarf to match the dress, and a black patent leather bag.

Outfit: blue dress, loden coat with cape and black lacquered bag

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All platinum jubilee initiatives

A very important milestone for the British governor who blew out the candles on April 21, 95 and her subjects. Buckingham Palace recently announced a series of initiatives and events to commemorate Her Majesty’s services to Britain and the Commonwealth countries, which will run for four days from 2 June. Weather permitting, there will be a special concert featuring artists from across the Commonwealth to celebrate the Queen, and Thanksgiving Mass will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3. A show will be held in the streets of London on 4 June, featuring dancers, artists and the British Army. British children can also contribute their small artwork to the River of Hope by designing 200 silk flags that will be displayed along the Mall in London. Finally, you should not miss the cooking moment, as the royals love it.

Queen Elizabeth II travels to Windsor to enjoy her beloved horses

Before June, Elizabeth II indulged in a little trip off the schedule. Trotz ihrer Bewegungsprobleme, die sie daran hinderten, an der Eröffnungszeremonie des Parlaments teilzunehmen, nahm sie gerne eine Einladung zur großen Pferdeshow “Gallop Through History” in Windsor an: ein großreen Pensions ern schen schen scher schen eden brenz eden brig schen schen eden brig schen shr. he is. Among those in attendance were Helen Mirren, Tom Cruise and Lady Louise Windsor, granddaughter of Elizabeth and daughter of Edward and Sophie Wessex, who paid tribute to her grandfather, Prince Philip.

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