April 25, 2024

PVC: Stiko Boss to maintain vaccination priority

PVC: Stiko Boss to maintain vaccination priority

Boris Johnson is under pressure to collude with billionaire Dyson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to allegations that he had made unacceptable promises to billionaire James Dyson to settle tax issues in his favor. On Wednesday, he was responding to BBC reports that had transmitted text messages between Johnson and Dyson from March 2020, the culmination of the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom.

The British government has contacted Dyson, whose company is headquartered in Singapore, with a request to produce much-needed ventilators. Dyson had pointed out the tax woes, to which Johnson texted according to the BBC: “I’ll fix it tomorrow. We need them. Looks great.” Johnson later wrote that Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak said the matter was now settled.

The UK government said the law did not violate pressure rules. Johnson was looking for a source of medical equipment in the event of an emergency. In the House of Commons, the Prime Minister declared: “In no way will I apologize for moving the sky and the earth … to do everything in my power to secure ventilators for the people of this country.” To disclose all details to members of Parliament. .

On the other hand, the opposition Labor Party reported “breathtaking” discoveries. Labor leader Keir Starmer said there was “one rule for those with the prime minister’s phone number and one for everyone else.”

Dyson is a prominent supporter and donor to the conservative Johnson Party. His company was working on ventilators, but it did not go into full production. Dyson said it was ludicrous to say that the correspondence cited by the BBC was about anything other than following the rules other than “in desperate need of 450 people from Dyson – in the UK and Singapore – seven days a week working around the clock to realize the potential.” Lifesaving Equipment. “

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