What happens in the White House if the president changes?

The White House 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms: Fast house cleaning

On the day of the handover – “inauguration” in English – the outgoing president and his accompanying delegation leave. After cleaning and maintaining the White House from basement to attic, the newly elected president and his family can move in. Every time this is a feat of strength, because the White House is huge: with a total of 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, eight staircases, and three elevators. There is a swimming pool, tennis court, movie theater, and bowling alley all purchased by President Richard Nixon. Barack Obama, for example, built a basketball court.

$ 100,000 budget for renovations

Any incoming president may make changes to the furniture and fixtures of the White House. The replenishment funds are approved by Congress. In 1833, the amount was $ 20,000; And when Bill Clinton moved in in 1999, it was $ 100,000.

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Major renovations and reforms are usually only carried out when the new presidential family has already moved in. The Oval Office – the president’s iconic office in the West Wing of the White House – gets completely refurbished every time. President Donald Trump also painted the Oval Office and wallpaper as one of his first works. A new carpet has been rolled out and the 27-year-old heating and air conditioner replaced.

The first ladies traditionally design the private residence

Traditionally, the design of the private residence was left to the presidential family of the first lady. Michelle Obama, your valuable furniture was apparently a bit old fashioned. She had abstract art hanging everywhere – many works by artists of African descent. It also gave the servants a new dress code. Instead of tuxedos, servants should be dressed somewhat more casually, because, according to Mrs. Obama, it suits her family better.

Michelle Obama also had a botanical garden in the South Lawn. On the other hand, her successor Melania Trump has redesigned the rose garden. Each presidential family gives the White House its own twist.

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