February 24, 2024

Putin planned a massive power outage in Germany

By 2022, almost half of Germany will be without gas. But two Russians stopped Putin’s plan. This was stated in an article published by the newspaper “Handelsblatt”.

But from the beginning. Gazprom Germania was the Russian subsidiary of the Russian gas giant Gazprom. On April 4, 2022, all Russian gas to Germany is scheduled to be cut off, according to Vladimir Putin’s previously unknown plan.

This could have had dire consequences.

City Assembly President Gerd Landsberg (71 years old) told the German newspaper Bild: “Millions of citizens would have eaten in cold apartments. “Offices couldn’t operate because of the cold, stores couldn’t open.” Millions of employees were unable to go to work because businesses would be cut off from gas and heat.

But on April 1, two directors of Russia’s Gazprom company submitted a report to the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and revealed Putin’s plans. A crisis team was formed to take countermeasures.

In response, the Kremlin banned Russian companies from doing business with Gazprom Germania. In addition, gas exports to Germany via Nord Stream 1 were reduced. This was before they were completely stopped last August due to the Nordstream explosion.

A little later, in June of the same year, Gazprom Germania was renamed Sefe (Securing Energy for Europe GmbH). It also obtained a $1 billion loan before nationalizing the company in November 2022.

Handelsblatt continued that informants were always in mortal danger. For this reason, they were provided with personal protection. Today they have German citizenship.

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