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The climate community is looking forward to that WashingtonAt the annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, countries discuss how the World Bank can better fight poverty – by More capital, but also more sustainability and climate protection. Therefore, we focus two analyzes on the World Bank and also on their preferred instrument: Leverage with private capital To increase the scarcity of public money. Good idea though Unfortunately it hardly worksAs we searched.

At the same time they wrestle Environment Minister G7 In Japan, too, they promised to do so To stop subsidizing fossil fuels. The G7 is moving further in triple steps, as the chart for the week shows. Environment Minister Steffi Lemke describes his position in the climate debate Resource protection Promote and establish a circular economy.

Finally, let’s take a look India. The country holds the title The most populous country. Is the world now the same Sharp increase in Indian carbon dioxide emissions Before how did he follow China’s rise to the climate superpower? The answer may surprise you.

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