June 23, 2024

A volcano in Guatemala is spewing ash and ash again - dpa

Protests again over nuclear deals with Russia in Emsland – dpa

aTomkraft’s opponents again protested Russian uranium shipments in front of a fuel element plant in Lingen in Emsland. On Thursday, an organizer said 20 to 25 people attended the vigil. Protest in Lingen directed against past and expected uranium imports Russia In addition, it is generally against the operation of the fuel element plant in Lingen, for which there is no cap yet, the Federal Society for Citizens Initiatives for Environmental Protection (BBU) said.

Only at the end of September did the transport of uranium from Russia reach the plant, according to data later published by the Federal Office for Nuclear Waste Management Safety (BASE). There is no ban in the European Union on imports of nuclear fuel from Russia, just as there is for gas.

On November 7, a license to transport non-radioactive fuel elements from the Lingen plant to Kazakhstan for German sovereign territory was again approved, BASE announced on its website. When specifically authorized transportation is performed, the responsibility of the carrier concerned is in coordination with the responsible supervisory and safety authorities of the federal and state governments. Information about transfer times cannot be published in advance for security reasons.

According to information from environmentalists, the Russian cargo ship “Mikhail Dodin” is on its way from St. Petersburg, carrying Rotterdam as a potential port of destination. Environmental organizations from the Netherlands, Germany and Russia fear the return of enriched uranium from Russia to the Lingen fuel element plant again.

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