May 23, 2024

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We and our partners use tracking (in particular cookies) to improve and continually improve our websites for you, as well as to display news, articles, information and advertisements.

  • Store and/or retrieve information on the device
    • Cookies, device identifiers, or other information may be stored on or retrieved from your device for the purposes of the processing described to you.
  • Transfer of data to partners in the United States (transfer to a third country)
    • By clicking the Agree button, you agree in accordance with Section 49(1) GDPR that US service providers may also process your data. In this case, it is possible that the transmitted data will be processed by local authorities.
  • Integration of external multimedia content
    • For a more comprehensive view of information, we use content from third parties, such as social media or video platforms, displayed on our websites. The data is processed by these third parties, who are also among the partners mentioned above.
  • Ads and personalized content, content and advertising measurement, audience insights, and product development
    • Ads and content can be customized based on the profile. More data can be added to better personalize ads and content. The performance of ads and content can be measured. Insights can be gleaned about audiences who viewed ads and content. Data can be used to build or improve user experiences, systems, and programs.
  • Use accurate location data
    • Your precise location data may be used for one or more processing purposes. This means that your location can be determined within a few metres.

Use with subscription Use without tracking, external banner and video ads for 4.95 € per month. Information about data processing can be found in the subscription to our data protection declaration and in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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